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  1. Feras says:

    Asalamo Alikom , Hi Mr Anas, my name is Feras from al-zarqa , I am recent I.T graduate , I want 2 somethings from you please :
    1- an Advice

    1- are you advise me to specialize in PHP as web development tool to build excellent commercial future ( excellent salary in Jordan and/or Gulf )

    2- can you train me on PHP and Then Zend framework to have their certified certification , if so , what is the training fees , and what about the training period , how much it will take?

    I am really looking forward to hearing from you …..

  2. Unruly says:

    Dear Anas

    Hope you’re well.

    Would it be possible to let us know about the possibility of securing paid editorials around social video content on your site?


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